Follow the Prophets

In the Primary, there is a song called “Follow the Prophet”. We teach this to our children. Are we doing
this ourselves?
There are many times that our leaders have told us to do this, but are we listening? It took me some time to come across this particular address, but it really helps:
“The Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet” By Ezra Taft Benson on Feb 23, 1980 at Brigham Young University. I would recommend that you attain a copy for yourselves to really understand the simple steps as to why we should do it.
Instead of quoting it, I am going to talk about how it affects me instead.
I was born in this church. I remember as a child, twice a year when we did not get up for church and have everyone changed in our Sunday clothes. Instead, we would be encouraged to come to the TV and while having breakfast of either Blueberry or Chocolate Chip pancakes, we would watch a bunch of old men talk behind this funny stand with a lot of flowers all around. Then when there was a break between these men, a huge group of men and women dressed alike, would get up and sing. Why were they separated? Why, when they are singing, can we get up and move around? I have to admit, this was many years ago and I have learned that listening to those men taught me a lot more than I thought!
Since that time, I have always tried to attend at least one if not more meetings because of the spirit that is there. These men who talk to us are talking to us about the present! This is now! If I do not get a chance to listen or watch a session as it happens, I try to take time and read the sessions in my spare
Have you had a chance to meet our prophet? He has made many attempts to meet as many people that he can. He is always working for the Kingdom. He works circles around me at least! And, no, I have not met him, but I have spent many years listening to his words and he has created a special place in my heart.  If he tells us to do something and we do it, we are blessed. If he tells us that something needs to be done and we do not do it, we miss those blessings and many times our lives are worse. This is a very simple concept.
Our gospel is organized around simple concepts that have many layers. This is why we are always learning more each time we come to church or have an opportunity for more learning. The activities at the Temple are based around the same thing. I have been attending for many years and have found that I learn more each time that I go. I am glad that I have been guided by our Prophet to go.
When we lose a Prophet, there is always another to fill his place, but there is only one on Earth at a
time. I have personally had the opportunity to see this in action. To me, each Prophet is a link. Each one has his own personality, but also has our best interests at stake. Therefore, each Prophet had his special interests concerning us brought to our attention. Remember, we have had a Prophet who was truly organized and had the ability to move thousands of people to a remote location and build a new city. We have had learned men. We have had some who guided our church back into paying our tithing, some who’s main focus was Missionary work, some whose  focus has been on building Temples. Each
time, they have been right and we needed to hear what they say when they say it. This is a constant growing and changing church. If we do not pay attention, we will miss something. I understand that other churches say that when they reach the end of the bible, all is finished, but we have living Prophets who are constantly “Writing” our books. They are adding chapters each day. I am glad that we have this gift that has been given to us.

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