“Law of Attraction”

Ok, so I am sure that many have heard about “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction”. When I watched the movie and did some studies concerning the subject, I realized that I already have most of what was true that they were talking about (Ok, so there are some parts that do not ring true in my heart about what they teach). The gospel-when in action-teaches manhy of these concepts.

There was one part that I had not connected in all of the years of my growing up that should be in my heart. It was the actual part of allowing things to happen. I found that I had such a tight grip on controlling the things around me, that I was not letting Heavenly Father just give me the blessings that were waiting for me. It has been a hard thing for me to do-to let go and let things just flow.

I even did it with my dating. I would go to Heavenly Father and ask “What is the type of relationship I am to have with this person?” I would know where it was to go before even being with the person for longer than a few hours.

During one summer, I received an answer that has really changed me deeply. It was “Sit back and enjoy the ride”. This told me to stop focusing on the large picture/the long-term and to just relax.

Yes, I am still working on this in all aspects of my life…No, I am not perfect. I have many flaws and weaknesses, but I am willing to change and am always hoping that the person that I am married to is willing to overlook my flaws and weaknesses.

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