Learn to resolve differences

Elder Spencer J. Condie wrote: “the great plan of happiness provides countless opportunities for learning to resolve differences, to love, to tolerate and to forgive, and, in the process, to become more like our Heavenly Father and His Son. Opposition in all things, including marriage, does not have to include dissension and continual conflict, but rather the peaceable resolution of differences.”
When a couple has a difference of opinion, they need to talk it out. They need to see each other’s view. If this is not the case. If the couple cannot agree, then they need to realize it before they marry. It is easier to break up a relationship when there is no paper between the couple.
I am not encouraging breaking up. I am encouraging each of us to take the time to learn about each other. To grow in ways other than what is behind the bedroom doors.
Find the differences and find ways to work around them or in other words, learn to compromise.
Please remember to pray together after the incident so that you have a chance to thank each other for opening each other’s minds to more than what you knew before.
If you do this, many disagreements which lead to destruction of relationships would be avoided.

Have a wonderful week!



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