My hearing is a blessing

As a little girl, I received an earache that was so bad that the eardrum was coming out of the ear canal.

I was screaming in pain. I was disoriented. Mom took me to the doctor and after examining me, he told mom that he needed to do surgery and remove my eardrum the next day.

Mom took me home and talked with dad about what was to happen. He gave me a Priesthood blessing for the sick. He had warmed the oil and put it directly into the ear and I had screamed because it was very hot to me. He then blessed me and I then slept on my side to keep the oil in my ear.

The next morning I woke up and I could hear nothing in my ear. I reached up to it and found that the oil had hardened like stained glass in my ear.  As any normal child, I proceeded to break out the “glass” and remove the shards.

My mom then took me back to the doctor and he did an examination on me before he was going to do the surgery.

He looked in one ear, then the other and back to the first. He then looked at his report and looked at my mom with a bewildered look in his eyes. He then said, “If I had not written it in my reports, I would not have known which ear to operate on. They both look perfectly fine to me.”

I went home and have been able to enjoy the blessing of my hearing so that I could sing and talk.

I am thankful that I have the ability to call on men of the Priesthood in our church to give me blessings when I am in need of them. I truly believe in them!

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