Physical Appearance

Today we are going to touch on the issue of Physical Appearance. As we know, we should be eating right, exercising right, sleeping right…I remember going on a vacation for a week in the Caribbean. I met up with a group of people who were going with me. I took with me a light carry-on as my luggage. Yes, I got everything I needed in one small suitcase! I did meet someone who had 7 suitcases. I could not believe it! She brought a suitcase for her shoes, one for her makeup, and one for extra blankets-just in case. She also packed a suitcase inside of another one for items she was purchasing to take home with her. What does this have to do with the physical appearance? Well… I admit that I am not perfect at the issue of the body but I do find that seeing all of that makeup in a medium sized suitcase shocked me. We stayed overnight at a hotel so that we could get a chance to rest before we went to the ship. It only takes me 20 minutes from pajamas in bed to showered, dressed and ready to go. The person in question took so long getting ready we were almost late for embarking. I admit, she looked good, at least until we went out into the heat and all of the makeup melted off of her face. She worked so hard to look amazing and the thing was, she already looked very good straight from the shower.

Which of us do you think was more ready for the trip? Who was focused on having more fun? I personally believe that I enjoyed myself more because I was not worried about my appearance as much as she was. I was focused on experiences and meeting good people. Now, this is because I believe that I look fine without makeup. I can add a touch-but do not want to add much more.Yes, we should be working on being healthy for ourselves, but also remember many people are attracted to healthy people. I am a bit over-curvy myself, but am quite strong, so I decided not to worry about trying to lose weight as much as focusing on being healthy and strong. Not only that, but I do know that many men prefer to have a little something to hold onto when they are cuddling up with their companion. Not all men prefer the 100 pound or less models.

Guys, being healthy is also important to us. I remember taking a “What is your preferred body-type” questionnaire and found that I like guys who played sports in high school, but let some padding move on top of those 6-packs. It is ok to not be the perfect guy model also. Sometimes we like to cuddle up to something softer than rock-hard abs. We need to be getting enough sleep so that we are clear in our minds when we need to make decisions-all decisions.

If we are staying up past midnight each night and need to be getting to work by 6am the next day, after a while, our bodies tell us that we need to stop! I have personally experienced long-term sleep deprivation. You cannot remember anything; you are so tired that you want to throw up. You cannot remember what you ate or if you did. If you are taking medications, then did you take them or need to take them??? It has been documented many times that 8 hours of good sleep is very necessary. Also, if you are rested, you can hear when Heavenly Father is trying to tell you something a lot better than if you are too tired to focus.

It is best to be happy with ourselves. I am happy with myself-most of the time. Sometimes it surprises me that I squeeze into chairs a little more than I used to(yes, to me, my backside is a little larger than I like), but I find that if I keep moving, that is not an issue I focus on. Every time that I see myself in a mirror, it surprises me. I do not see myself as heavy as the mirror shows me. I see myself in my mind – smaller. I act and move as if I am lighter. I do not use weight as a handicap in meeting other people or even keeping me from doing things I like best.

I beg that you do not measure the person by the way they look. Or the way you may look to them. Remember to look within their hearts. Find out what they love or are concerned with. Look beyond their face and into their souls. You may be surprised at what you find.

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