Remember or get a Patriarchal blessing

Most of us have brought with us everything that we learned in the pre-existence. Elder Bruce R. McConkie said, “We were schooled and trained and taught in the most perfect educational system ever devised, and that by obedience to his eternal laws we developed infinite varieties and degrees of talents.”

Wow! So, maybe we need to look into the mirror and really discover what and who we are! What are our talents? What can we do to reach our potential? Where can we find this information?

Well, one of the gifts that we have available to us is a Patriarchial Blessing. It will give us much insight as to who we are and who we can become. This is something that is considered private. It is something that we should not share with others, but it is ok to share with our spouses when we are married. I have found that there are parts that I am willing to share occasionally, but those parts are very minimal.

In my blessing, I find the if/when blessing. If I do my best to be the best I can be (ok, skip the Army song…) I will be blessed with many blessings. If I do not do my best, then those blessings set aside only for me are no longer there. It is a strong reason to keep me striving to be my best in everything that I do.

If you do not have your blessing, I would recommend that you contact your Patriarch and get it. If you do have it, I recommend that you take the time to read it. Then when you have done so, take action! The world is incredible and fun when you do it.


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