The ability to work hard

This is near and dear to my heart…This one is very difficult at this time for many of us. It is the ability to work hard. It is near to my heart because there were a couple of things that I was taught when I was a child:

1. No play until the chores were finished.

My mother wrote long lists for each of us kids to do each Saturday. This was beyond the basic chores that we did each day after school. It was frustrating, but we worked hard for a couple of hours (yes, she truly detailed each item for each room so that we had no excuse to miss anything) and then the rest of the day was ours to play with. This experience taught me to focus on taking care of the needs of my family before we even would consider the wants. Ok, so my home is not perfect, it is always cluttered somewhere, but when I get down to really deep cleaning it, the place looks amazing!

2. Leave a place better than how you found it.

My family was always the last to leave any church activity because we were always focused on making sure that everything was clean and put away. I still have a strong desire to do this, but find that I have the ability to let others focus on being the last one out of the door.

I take this into any job that I work because it makes things much better in the workplace.

3. Having a job shows responsibility.

I had my first babysitting job where I was paid $1 per hour per child. I was getting so good, that the mothers found that instead of fighting over me, they had sleepovers that I was in charge of while they left to go and play. I would walk out in the morning (yes sometimes I would be watching the sunrise because they stayed out so late) with quite a lot of money for both the children I watched and healthy tips for the quality of the job. I would not sleep while being there, but found that I did chores around the house to keep me awake. Therefore when they returned, they found dishes done, house clean…

When I am looking for a job, I do not give up. I treat the job hunt as if it is really a job. I work at it full-time. Normally, I have never gone longer than 2 months without finding something. I normally have some opportunities coming up, so I never worry.

Why is working important in a relationship? We are watched by our future partners as to how we spend our money. We watch them as well. If you do not agree, look again. When you are paid, do you have a strong desire to go out and get that great shirt/top you saw for sale or do you first pay your tithing and your bills?

We are also watching each other concerning how we do our chores around our homes. Do we take out the garbage? Care for our children well? Maintain our vehicles? Clean our homes? Everything that we do, we will be taking into a relationship.

I admit that this was one issue that I had difficulty with concerning 1 of my relationships. I would be working, paying the bills, taking care of my children, etc and my partner would be at home sleeping or eating, waiting for me to get home for his entertainment. The imbalance was too difficult. We did not share in the work that needed to be done, so we were not as happy as we could have been.

My wish is that we all learn to be happy with the work and responsibilities that we are in charge of. If not, then change ourselves or the job and responsibility so that we are finding joy in what we do.

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