The “Common bond”

Elder Spencer J. Condie of the First Quorum of the Seventy referred to the Temple covenants as the “Common bond” between husband and wife. “I have been disappointed with a number of couples who file for divorce contending that “We have nothing in common” There are, indeed, vast differences between men and women, regardless of any other background factors. However, once a couple has knelt across the sacred altar in a sealing room in the house of the Lord, they have the most important things of eternity in common, and this common bond can overcome all differences.”Personally, I feel that this is the ultimate goal of many of us. To be married in the Temple. Is it that hard to really find other items in our lives that can be “Common” as well?

Let’s see… Foods, songs, movies, sports and shows can be something that we can have in common. To find things we can laugh about together, to find simple joys can all be something in common.

Please think of this concept: Have you really thought what Eternity and Forever really means? Think about what being married to a person for millions of years really is like. If the person you are considering being with is ‘the one’, than it will take an eternity of growing together, of viewing different opinions, to create, to laugh, to cry, and to grow together. The covenants that we make in the Temple to each other are truly sacred.

Let’s find things we can do, say, or be that is in the eternal perspective that can be in common with each other.


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