You marry who you date

I have a friend who decided that she was tired of the LDS men who are too shy or too picky, so she decided (in a very large way) to date only non-members.There is a saying that is given “You marry who you date”. This is so true! So her choice may not be a good way to go.

We bring to marriage the sum total of who we are-our habits, attitudes, likes and dislikes. Once we are married, we find that there are some adjustments that need to be made because of differences between out personality and that of our marriage partner.To change ourselves before this happens would make the time spent easier.

There are also tremendous stresses placed upon marriages by society. Bills must be paid, deadlines must be met, and responsibilities must be fulfilled. Marriage is not a cure-all for problems!!! Elder Marion D Hanks emphasized this when he said; “The sealing ceremony in the temple is to us beautiful and indispensable, but it does not automatically assure a successful marriage. Such a marriage is brought about, not by circumstance or chance, but by two mature, loving adults, who are able and willing to learn the principles upon which a genuine and durable marriage may be fashioned and who, day-by-day, year-by-year, earnestly make the effort, building on the solid foundation of the covenants of the Temple.”

Choose who you date with care. Surround yourself with those who encourage you, who makes your life grow, who brings joy to your life.

Marriage takes effort and very hard work on both partners. If done right, then the prize is joy and happiness. If let go for even a short time, then it will crumble and be destroyed. Let us make the goal to keep our marriages strong.


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