Missionary work-Be an example

Missionary Work- Not just for missionaries anymore…
Ok, I am sure that you have heard this many times. You have heard all of the talks, you have read many of Wilford Woodruff’s words concerning this issue. I am also sure that when you saw the title, you tried to go on to something else, but then you came back to see if there was anything different that is being said.

Well, yes, I am going to say it. You are a missionary.
For those of us who have been born in the church, we have been missionaries from that particular time. We have been watched from birth and have been examples from that point on. We have been missionaries when we make friends. We are missionaries at any and all points of our lives. Especially when something changes in our lives.
Others are watching to see who we are. If we live our religion, we are missionaries, mostly by example. What about when we were small children and did not understand the value of money in this world? Then we may have taken something and our parents made us give it back. We are examples at that time. How we react is being studied by others around us. Not in a “Stalking” manner, but more as curiosity and learning.  When we meet someone and become their friend, we are showing them what we believe. So, what are our choices at this time? Do we show that we like our religion and act upon it, or do we complain and do not take anything seriously?
How about the new job, how many people are watching us at this time in our lives? We spend many hours with these people each day, how are we acting? Are we swearing? Are we doing the things of this world? Are we trying to make others more comfortable around us? Are we doing positive things to improve ourselves and others?
There are other places that we are known, such as the grocery store, the post office, the court house, the schools, the hospitals, etc. How are we acting when we are in each location?
Have you ever had anyone come up to you and ask how you do this?
I have.
I was in the midst of an ugly divorce. I should have been completely falling apart. I should be crying all
of the time. But, I did not because I needed to keep my head clear. I prayed for help. I trusted the Savior
in knowing that everything would be fine. I was able to be a good example for my children, but also, I
found that I had become an example to my lawyer, the people that I came in contact every day both at work and at church. Many have come up to me and asked me how I do this. How do I keep everything under control? How do I seem to be happy in the midst of all of this mess? I may not have had any of them join the church, but I do know that their lives have changed because I have touched them. I know this, because of the changes that I have seen after I connect with them.
I find that I am an example even to those who have been in the church for many years. I know that many
are watching me to learn how I do “IT”.
I was a single mother who worked, trying my best to keep up with 3 teenage children who have pivotal moments in their lives all at the same time, worked on bringing the outside family back together, writing
in my spare time, exercising  and tried to take a few moments to get back out there and create new
relationships. I also find that with each blessing that either I or my children had, that we were constantly
blessed with health and strength to keep up with what we were doing. I do not understand why I keep
this pace, but find that with the blessings of our Heavenly Father, I can keep up. I ask why am I doing
this, then I keep receiving a strong feeling that I am doing this because I am being an example to those
around me. I am helping them find ways to strengthen their own testimonies. I am helping them find their way back to Heavenly Father.

This is missionary work.
It may be subtle, but it still supports what Heavenly Father and our Savior would like for us to do. I truly
love our Heavenly Father. I love our Savior. I love the gospel and the ever-changing and growing that it
creates within me. I know that this is the pathway that I am to be on. I would recommend that all should
follow what they believe in. Be an example to those around you. Teach them the way back to our Heavenly Father and Savior. If you have a choice between something that will create less or more light withinthe heart, follow the light. It is the right choice.
This is what it is to be a missionary.

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