What is a friend?


What is a true friend?
This is a question that needs to be brought up more so now than even a few years ago.
A true friend will be there for you whenever you need them. In both the good and the bad. They will not
judge you and will not try to hurt you.  This true friendship is becoming more and more rare these days. A lot of the reason is because of all of the media that is surrounding all of us all of the time.
Sit back and list your friends. How many do you have? How many do you know very well? How many of those “Friends” are real and how many of them are on the TV, radio, Facebook game friends? Do you know more about someone who’s “Lives” you have been invited to watch weekly or daily than a real person who you can go out for a conversation with? If this is the case, it is time to go beyond your comfort zone and make a real friend.
How do you make a friend?
A friend can be of any shape, color or size. You can meet them at any moment at any place in your daily
What brings out that friend more than just someone that you meet?

It does take 2 people, but it is the efforts of both people to go beyond the normal “Daily” world and share insights. It is time that each spends with the other person.
When a person becomes interested in you, the choice that is before you is to trust them or not. Look into their eyes. Look into their heart. These places will tell you how much you should give of yourself.
If you feel you can trust them, do not overwhelm them with all of you all at once. Take the time to share. Make sure that your friendship is not one-sided. Listen to them and encourage them in all of their
Let me tell you about one of my friends:
I met my friend Thea at a meeting for parents of new Seminary students. We began to talk because we were thinking of car-pooling the kids so that it would eliminate an extra car on the road at that early time of the morning. This was not going to work because of circumstances, but that did not stop us. The next time that we met, was in Relief Society. She had her granddaughter with her and had to leave quite often, so she had a seat close by a door so that she could come and go. She wanted to be there, but because of the little girl, she had a difficult time. I began to distract the little girl so that Thea could spend just a few more minutes in the class than if I did not do anything. Because Thea was a new member of the church, she came to Sunday School, but was confused by the deep discussions that were being talked about. I began to sit with her at these times and she decided to ask questions. I would begin answering her questions so that she could keep up with the class.
This could have been a shallow friendship and would have not gone any further, but Thea gave me her number to call when I needed to talk. She needed someone to help her with her daughter’s wedding. I had done weddings in the past, so I offered to help her. From that point on, we went to many places and had lunches together and worked on the same goals together.  I shared parts of my life and she understood that I was having a difficult time because it was during a hard part of my life. She would give me money so that I could keep going, I would give of my time and efforts back. This became a deeper friendship through daily contact and sharing of each other’s feelings. At this point in time, I have been by her side when she has been ill, she has been there for the good and the bad times in my life. My children love her as if she was a second mother. I cherish our friendship and it has taught me to spend
more time with other people and deepen my friendships with them.
I have many friends, but I find that my friendships are on different levels with each person. This is as
it should be, but I am finding that I need to deepen friendships even more than I have been.
To do this, I pray for the person in question. I let Heavenly Father know that I care for this person and
am hoping to deepen my friendship. I also ask for guidance as to what I should say because there are
times that I feel that the words that come out of my mouth may make the person run the other way. I then try to get out of my comfort zone and let them know that I am interested in deepening our friendship.  I truly cherish each of my friends. I appreciate each of them and what they have done to my life. I pray for their happiness and joy.
I really believe that if you look into your lives and see who you have around you, you can always add more friends into your own life. They will be there for all of the good and bad that comes along.
Remember, you are not alone. You have someone who cares about you. The greatest friends that you have are: Heavenly Father, our Savior and the Holy Ghost.
They will always be there for you not matter what.

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