Was it a dog or a horse?

When I was around the age of 2 years old, my family owned I believe it to be a German Shepard. This dog was my companion at all times. I rode that dog as if it was my horse. If I was to be punished, the family had to be careful because the dog was protecting me. If I was punished too harshly, the dog would growl to make sure that they understood that I was under it’s protection. It has been many years, but I have always found that I have an affinity with animals. They talk with me, they react in unusual ways and always I feel that they share their love with me. Because of the time that has passed, my connection has become tenuous, but I have always wanted to take the time to reconnect with the animals as I did when I was a very young girl.

I am blessed to have a zoo that I can visit for free and that it is within 10 miles of my home. I have visited a number of times and each time, the connections with the different animals have been quite an experience for me. Most have been subtle, but even so, they have been fun.

I need to go more often…

I am thankful that Heavenly Father loved us so much that he gave us so many ways to tell us!

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