Baking bread

Today I baked some bread. It has always been a time-consuming project for me, so I never really did it when I had kids at home or when I worked too many hours.

But, with the time it takes to make it, it reminds me of being like that loaf… I have to have a few ingredients put in and placed just right to make me who I am. Add items like Gospel, family, beliefs, friends, work ethics and they give me flavor. Let me get used to being who I am for a while and then mix me up and make my life interesting. This is done by growing up, adding spouses, children, callings at church… Let me ‘rise up’ to my challenges. Add more growth by lessons learned, talks by the prophets, deeper friendships, etc. Then place me in my ‘special place’ and let me bask in the love of our Heavenly Father. When I have become ‘strong’, pull me out of my comfort zone and let me share what I am with others. Let me give the love I have learned to have.

That is the lesson I learned today!


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