I have the opportunity to grow, heal, ask questions and teach others what I have learned. Today for example, there was a talk on adversity, I taught a lesson on how to become a leader using the spirit of God and had a lesson taught to me concerning food storage and how it affects us now. My husband also had a lesson on ideas on how to improve finances in our home.

I am thankful that what we learn we can take with us home and take action on during the week.

I see myself like a pitcher. All week, it is drained a little at a time by dealing with daily “worldly things”. On Sundays, it is refilled to the top. If I am lucky, I go to the Temple during the week and give the pitcher a chance for a quick refill that can then be a blessing to others around me as well.

Church can tire me out, and I find that a nap is beneficial, but if I do not go, the pitcher is drained and I have no shield or strength to stand up to the daily things I have to deal with through the week. I am not as strong to stand up to the wickedness that is around me as I want to be. With this as my incentive, I find that there is nothing more valuable as taking time to go to church.

May you find ways to fill your pitcher and stay strong against the adversary.

I love to go to church on Sundays.

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