My name is Mary. I have a family, have friends without number and has been a member of The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints all of my life. It has taken me many years to truly understand what the Gospel really means to me. I used to sit in the back of classes and chat with my friends instead of listening because it was more important to develop friendships instead of hearing the same thing over and over again. I learned much later that I was the one suffering because I was not listening. I also found that many of my friends did not understand what we were being taught. Because of this, I began to teach the truths I learn in all of their simplicity. At this blog, I will share what I have learned in hopes that someone may be touched by the simple truths of our Heavenly Father.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    A few weeks ago you clicked the like button for my blog post: “Why Would God Forgive Your Sins Because You Kept His Commandments? That’s What You Were Supposed to do.”

    I’ve been wondering why you would like that post, so I decided to just ask you. What was it about the Post that you liked?

    Thanks so much for your time,

    • “To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins”
      I had spent 2 months trying to really understand the “Remission of Sins” wording. After I had studied the scriptures mostly and with lots of prayer, it came out so simply:
      To receive a remission of sins from our Heavenly Father would be to remove all sin from our past.
      The only time that this is true in the easiest form is when we are baptized. From that time on, we are to do our best to not “Screw up”. But, when we do, we have the opportunity to erase most of our sins and mistakes by going through the process of recognizing, realizing, repayment, letting go and never doing it again.
      Heavenly Father forgives quickly and easily. We have do do most of the work and we have to forgive ourselves as well. That was the hardest part for me to learn and then to put it into practice.
      But, for the complete removal of all sin, we are unable to do it alone.
      What Jesus was able to do for us by being our example, our teacher and then to take on all of our sins finishes the removal of anything we are unable to fix.
      This is why it is very important to go to Sacrament meetings. During the time the sacrament is being passed, it is an opportunity to look back through the week(I do not believe I could do more than that) to see if I had done any wrongs, mistakes or sins or anything else that was negative. If I had repaired everything, I had a good week. If not, then I would reflect on what was wrong, then make a note of what needed to be done to fix it and make a goal to have it fixed by the next Sunday. If it is bigger than an easy fix, then I set goals to do what I can as quickly as I can so that I can look myself in the eye when I look in a mirror.
      Your lesson that you prepared reminds me of these things and I encourage you to continue to teach the truths to them because they will take these teachings with them through life.

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